Tambollo Children Travel Book

The Adventures of Tambollo in Nigeria 

I grew up reading about so many fascinating places in the world. My parents bombarded me with books that were mainly focused on travel, history and geography. This really shaped my outlook on life and right from a young age, I had always wanted to explore and learn about new cultures.

I believe children need to learn about this beautiful continent, called Africa. There are so many books focused on other continents but hardly will you find one that sparks an interest to visit a country in Africa.

When I decided to start Tambollo, I was very intentional about a lot of the details, such as the name and the logo because I knew it was a character I will one day bring to life, that said, I am so excited it is finally happening.

It’s been a challenging one trying to get the vision of this book series across but I am so grateful to God for sending me the most amazing team who ensured I went through with it.

I present to you the first edition of "The Adventures of Tambollo" which is focused on Nigeria. Tambollo will be exploring various countries, cities and cultures in Africa. You are not ready for all that we have to offer!

It’s been an exciting journey and I believe this project will change the way people perceive Africa.


Tourism Entrepreneur 

Sikemi Ifederu is the Founder of Tambollo Africa, a travel company committed to creating beautiful experiences to amazing destinations in Africa.

Sikemi’s mission is to showcase African through travels and education for children.

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